Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers' Favorite

My Best Thinking by author Sarina Wheatman, while fiction, gives the audience a clear view of what a person seeking rehab could experience. While some classify those seeking treatment as crazy, hopeless, or even worthless, Sarina Wheatman helps the reader to understand that no one is too far gone if they genuinely desire to live. The unfathomable riches found on the other side of rehab always seem beyond reach to those on the other side. The purpose of therapy and treatment is to enable the one with the greatest need to begin to have hope in the things unseen. They are to put their faith and trust in the system while trusting the leaders around them to help them arrive at the other side a changed individual.

Sarina Wheatman gives a list of real resources in the hope that an addict who picks up this fiction book will also reach out for help. Written so that the individual can easily relate it in some way to their own life, this certainly helps the reader connect and hopefully desire to seek help. One thing she inserted that was so powerful is: “Honesty is the pre-requisite to Recovery” (P. 57). Sarina Wheatman knows that unless the addict is honest with who they are and where they are, they can never begin the journey toward improvement. There is nothing in the book that says recovery will be easy, but it will be worth it. This book is a great tool to use for those who need encouragement and those needing help.